Showcase Team

Back Row (left to right): Olivia Rogers (’23), David Kilduff (’24), Will Clark (’24), Elisabeth Crusey (’23)
Middle Row: Malcolm Coffman (’23), Athanasius Sirilla (’24), Ally Morcus (’24), Samantha Mariani (’23)
Front Row: Leo O’Malley (’23), Molly Baldock (’24), Courtney Klaus (’23), Sonia Patel (’24)

The annual Showcase Argument in front of the NDLS community is a tradition that has been going on for over 70 years!

2021-2022 Team Captain: Sydney Imes

Showcase Team

Each year, our Showcase Team represents Notre Dame Law School in a national moot court competition, and presents a showcase argument in front of a panel of distinguished judges for the NDLS community in the McCartan Courtroom.

Last year, the 3L Showcase Team competed in the Seigenthaler-Sutherland Cup National First Amendment Moot Court Competition, hosted by the Catholic University of America. The 2L Showcase Team also competed last year and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Frank A. Schreck Gaming Law Moot Court Competition.

*Alumni please contact ND Moot Court if you would like to add any information regarding your team or have any information about a tournament accomplishment not displayed here.

Annual Showcase Arguments


Left to Right: Zarhaa Nasser (’22), Sydney Imes (’22), Meghan Dalton (’22), Judge Kness, Judge Kelly, Judge Kirsch, Andrew Ross D’Entremont (’22), Vincent Gangemi (’22), Reid Edwards (’22)
Sydney Imes (’22) arguing on behalf of the Appellant on the Eighth Amendment issue.

The 72nd Annual Showcase Argument took place in the McCartan Courtroom, and featured oralists Sydney Imes (’22), Zarhaa Nasser (’22), Vincent Gangemi (’22), and Andrew Ross D’Entremont (’22), and brief writers Reid Edwards (’22) and Meghan Dalton (’22). The Showcase Team argued First and Eighth Amendment issues resulting from the violation of an unlawful-camping statute. The argument was presided over by Judge Thomas Kirsch of the Seventh Circuit, Judge Paul Joseph Kelly Jr. of the Tenth Circuit, and Judge John Fitzgerald Kness of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.


2020-2021 Showcase Argument via Zoom

The 71st Annual Showcase Argument took place virtually, and featured oralists Alex Gonzalez (’21), Brandon Minchel (’21), Katherine Griffitts (’21), and Razi Lane (’21), and brief writers Caleb Acker (’21) and Jordan Buechler (’21). The Showcase Argument problem looked at a First Amendment issue concerning government-issued SIM cards for contact tracing purposes that clashed with religious objections to technology. The argument featured Judges Thomas Kirsch of the Seventh Circuit, Michael Scudder of the Seventh Circuit, and Chad Readler of the Sixth Circuit.

Click on the link below for a list of all of the Annual Showcase Argument judges since 1985!

Recent Accomplishments


Left to Right: Vincent Gangemi (’22), Reid Edwards (’22), Andrew Ross D’Entremont (’22)

Showcase Team members Vincent Gangemi (’22), Reid Edwards (’22), and Andrew Ross D’Entremont (’22) won first place in the Touro National Moot Court Competition in Law & Religion.

Left to Right: Sydney Imes (’22), Zahraa Nasser (’22), Meghan Dalton (’22)

Showcase Team members Sydney Imes (’22), Zahraa Nasser (’22), and Meghan Dalton (’22) competed in the William E. McGee National Civil Rights Moot Court Competition. The team advanced to the semifinals, and Zahraa Nasser won Preliminary Round Best Oralist.

Past Teams


Top Row (left to right): Reid Edwards (’22), Malcolm Coffman (’23), Samantha Mariani (’23), Elisabeth Crusey (’23), Courtney Klaus (’23), Olivia Rogers (’23); Bottom Row: Vincent Gangemi (’22), Zahraa Nasser (’22), Sydney Imes (’22), Meghan Dalton (’22), Leo O’Malley (’23); Not Pictured: Ross D’Entremont (’22)


Top Row (left to right): Reid Edwards (’22), Ross D’Entremont (’22), Vincent Gangemi (’22); Middle Row: Meghan Dalton (’22), Zahraa Nasser (’22); Bottom Row: Sydney Imes (’22), Katherine Griffitts (’21), Caleb Acker (’21); Not Pictured: Alex Gonzalez (’21), Brandon Winchel (’21), Rachel Palermo (’21),


Jack Blais (’19), Michael Murtha (’19), Colleen O’Connor (’19), Hannah Oswald (’19), Matt Sachaj (’19), Lawrence Wesco (’19), Andrew Ferry (’20), Alex Ingoglia (’20), Sarah Karchunas (’20), Hannah McCausland (’20), Ian Michalak (’20), Conor Woods (’20)

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