Intellectual Property Team

(Left to right): Shannon Moore (’23), Nicholas D’Andrea (’23), Jazmyn Ferguson (’24), Haley Palmer (’24),
Shelby Dedo (’23); Not Pictured: Olivia Alford (’24)

The IP Team has won the Regional Round of the Lefkowitz Tournament three years in a row!

2022-2023 Team Captain: Shelby Dedo

Intellectual Property Team

Each year, our Intellectual Property Team competes in the Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Moot Court Tournament hosted by the International Trademark Association. This competition focuses on trademark and unfair competition law.

Our IP Team has won the Chicago Regionals of the Lefkowitz competition three years in a row. Last year, the competition focused on the similarity between two brand names, one for a pet food company and the other for a fitness company providing exercise regimens for dog owners.

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Recent Accomplishments


Left to Right: Brittany Von Rueden (’22), Kristen Burns (’22), Caroline Wenzel (’22)

Competing virtually in 2022, Brittany Von Rueden (’22), Caroline Wenzel (’22), and Kristen Burns (’22) advanced to nationals after placing second in the Chicago regional round, with Caroline Wenzel and Brittany Von Rueden winning best oralists.


Left to right: Isaac Behnawa (’21), Jaemie Paraon (’21), Chelsea Spence (’21), Caroline Wenzel (’22), Kristen Burns (’22), Brittany Von Rueden (’22)

Competing virtually in 2021, Chelsea Spence (’21), Isaac Behnawa (’21), and Jaemie Paraon (’21) advanced to nationals after placing first in the Chicago regional round, with Jaemie Paraon winning best brief. Jaemie Paraon went on to win second best brief at nationals.


Left to right: Mark Relation (’20), Competition Judge, Katie Cronin (’20), Talea Stashin (’20)

In 2020, Mark Relation (’20), Talea Stashin (’20), and Katie Cronin (’20) won first place in the Chicago regional round, with Katie Cronin winning best brief. After advancing to nationals, the team was named national champions. 


Left to right: Hannah Weger (’18), Matt Fitzgerald (’18), Competition Judge, Adam Kwon (’19)

In 2018, Hannah Weger (’18), Matt Fitzgerald (’18), Adam Kwon (’18) won first place at the Midwest Regionals, and third place at nationals.

Past Teams


Top Row (left to right): Nicholas D’Andrea (’23); Middle Row: Kristen Burns (’22), Brittany Von Rueden (’22); Bottom Row: Christine Logan (’23), Caroline Wenzel (’22), Shelby Dedo (’23)


Top Row (left to right): Brittany Von Rueden (’22); Middle Row: Kristen Burns (’22), Jaemie Paraon (’21); Bottom Row: Caroline Wenzel (’22); Not Pictured: Chelsea Spence (’21), Isaac Behnawa (’21)


Top Row (left to right): Katie Cronin (’20), Mark Relation (’20), Talea Stashin (’20); Bottom Row: Emma Kelly (’19), Adam Kwon (’19), Noelle Klockner (’19)

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