Jessup Team

Top Row (left to right): Michael Snyder (’23), Michael Verdichizzi (’23), Drake Stobie (’23), McKenzie Busch (’24)
Bottom Row: Sarah Barritt (’24), Taylor Wewers (’23), Brigid O’Keefe (’23), Tysan Holloman (’24). Not Pictured: Huan Nguyen (’24)

Unlike typical moot court competitions, the oralists on the Jessup Team argue in front of a fictional International Court of Justice for forty-five minutes!

2022-2023 Team Captain: Brigid O’Keefe

Jessup Team

Our Jessup Team competes in the oldest and largest international moot court competition in the world, the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, hosted by the International Law Students Association. The competition has attracted participants from 700 law schools in 100 countries.

In 2021, the competition took place virtually and the Jessup Team explored the obligations and responses of States in response to an outbreak of a global pandemic. The previous year, the problem focused on treaty succession, fully autonomous weapons systems, and government ministers accused of war crimes.

*Alumni please contact ND Moot Court if you would like to add any information regarding your team or have any information about a tournament accomplishment not displayed here.

Recent Accomplishments


Elizabeth Lombard (’20) & Olivia Houston (’20)
Olivia Houston (’20)

In February 2020, Jack McKay (’20), Elizabeth Lombard (’20), Olivia Houston (’20), Bailey Burns (’20), and Connie Choe (’20) advanced to the Quarterfinals of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Olivia Houston was also awarded 6th Best Oralist.

Past Teams


Top Row (left to right): Owen Toepfer (’22), Michael Verdichizzi (’23), Kathryn Boswell (’22), Mark Simonitis (’22), Michael Snyder (’23); Bottom Row: Abigail Allen (’22), Brigid O’Keefe (’23), Alexandra Cline (’23). Not Pictured: Drake Stobie (’23), Taylor Wewers (’23)


Top Row (left to right): Owen Toepfer (’22), Abigail Allen (’22); Middle Row: Alexandra Cline (’22); Mark Simonitis (’22); Bottom Row: Jana McCord (’21), Justin Wolber (’21), Lauren Vaca (’21), Nichole Kanios (’21); Not Pictured: Graham Pilotte (’21)


Megan Ball (’19), Cassie Gawron (’19), Stephen Scheffel (’19), Cristina Sanchez (’19), Malaina Weldy (’19), Bailey Burns (’20), Connie Choe (’20), Olivia Houston (’20), Elizabeth Lombard (’20), Jack McKay (’20)

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