Ross D’Entremont

Andrew Ross D’Entremont

Andrew Ross D’Entremont is from Beaumont, Texas. In 2019, Ross graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Political Science. He went on to earn two Master’s degrees at the University of Alabama: an M.A. in Political Science in 2019, and an M.S. in Marketing in 2020. During his 1L summer, Ross took virtual MBA classes at Notre Dame and worked at Balch & Bingham in Birmingham, Alabama. This past summer, he worked for Jones Day in Houston. At NDLS, Ross is the Treasurer of the Student Bar Association, Vice-President of the Federalist Society, Assistant Rector for Keenan Hall, and Executive Editor for the Journal of Legislation. During his free time, he enjoys tailgating, training for the New Orleans Half-Marathon, and spending time with his Keenan students.

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